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Hello, I'm Oleg Muraveyko from Russia. Why 402d?

I do not like the dominance of advertising in applications. I believe that it is more correct to develop applications that users want to purchase. There is a status code http 402(Payment Required) and D(evelopment). Therefore, in my applications there is no advertising.

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EarPlayer for whatsapp

EarPlayer for voice messages

The purpose of this app is to enable the users to listen to short audio (voice messages) when they do not have earphones and they don't want to use speakers.

EarPlayer on 4PDA forum

print on paperang from android smartphone

Print on Paperang

My application, unlike the official application from the manufacturer, does not require an internet connection, it is focused on providing simple printing from any programs. Adds the ability to print from document editors and Internet browsers.

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peripage printer driver for android

Driver for Peripage A6

This is another driver for the popular inkless portable printer model. Separate applications are made due to the complete incompatibility of printers with each other.

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TextToPrint - Demo how print use PrintDocumentAdapter

Since other software developers are too lazy to implement printing, I did it for them.The application does not print alone, it only sends the job to the printer driver. By the print button, a standard PrintDocumentAdapter for WebView is created.